Hillsborough County Public Schools are in trouble and Tallahassee has not done its job to fully fund our schools. As a father and a successful businessman, Steve Cona will work to put an end to the problems by eliminating financial waste, and returning more money to teacher salaries and classroom education.




Schools should be a safe haven for student learning, and as a parent, Steve is committed to making local schools secure for teachers and students. Steve will accomplish this by working in lockstep with the Sheriff’s office to ensure school security and making sure our students and teachers receive mental health counseling, when appropriate.




Steve believes it is inexcusable to subject our teachers and students to hot classrooms without working air conditioning, as well as covering up reports of lead in our children’s drinking water. Steve will combat this problem by bringing his personal expertise as President/CEO of the Associated Builders and Contractors to ensure a safer work environment for both teachers and students.